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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

0 SQLi Dumper Tutorial Step by Step

1. Open SQLi Dumper v7

2. Input your dorks there
3. Click Start Scanner
4. Wait until scanning done
5. Click tab Exploitables

[Image: Ur04i42.png]

6. Click Start Exploiter
7. Wait until Exploiter thread done
8. Click Injectables

[Image: yVAXCjp.png]

9. Check all at group Setup
10. Click Start Analizer
11. Wait until thread done

[Image: as8E1pa.png]

12. Right click at vuln website
13. Click Go to Dumper
14. Click Data Dumper

[Image: kWfZe3n.png]

15. Click Get Database

[Image: pJkNyeL.png]

16. Click one of db
17. Then click Get Tables

[Image: p8YxjDh.png]

18. Click one of tables
19. Then click Get Columns

[Image: jWzozg3.png]

20. Select columns that you want to dump
21. Click Dump Data

[Image: fWiettl.png]

22. After dumping complete
23. Click Export Data

[Image: y0SKhc7.png]

24. Click Start
25. Save

[Image: YEcypFn.png]

Virus scan :

Thx to :
[-] Shikatanai
[-] Naruto Attacker